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Want The Perfect Doctor Consultation Before Any Treatment In India?

We at MediGocare services provide you with the best cosmetic surgery hospitals and cosmetic surgeons in the country at affordable rates. From preparing our clients for the surgery to monitoring their recovery we have a dedicated team that stays with you throughout.

At MediGocare services you can get online doctor assistance both before and after treatment. In order to get the best online doctor consultation for treatment all you have to do is contact us.

  • Over time India is becoming an increasingly popular destination for not only local but also international patients for cosmetic or plastic surgery. There are more than 100,00 successful cosmetic surgeries in India, in a year and have a very high success rate.
  • Our team at MediGocare services helps you to choose the best cosmetic surgeons in India on the basis of their experience and success rate. We have partnered with the best cosmetic hospitals in India that have affordable prices and experienced medical staff.
  • You can trust the plastic surgeon operating on you like all the surgeons we partner with are highly skilled in stem cell therapy, oncoplastic reconstructive surgery, gynecomastia, mega liposuction, hair restoration surgery and body contouring.
  • We also provide services for a arm tuck, tummy tuck, nose reconstruction, Botox treatment, and other appearance enhancements.


Unlike many other forms of surgery, plastic or cosmetic surgery in India mainly relies on the post-surgical appearance of the patient. It is a form of art in the way it needs detailed aesthetic attention on every step of the process. Cosmetic surgery not only treats physical problems in a patient but also helps with mental health as well.

Here are some of the cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures assisted by Mediaglobe Healthcare services in India:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Body lift
  • Finger reconstruction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Hair transplant
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Lip augmentation
  • Nose and facelift
  • Rhinoplasty


  • We tie-up with the best cosmetic surgery hospitals and surgeons.
  • We provide you with transparency like detailed treatment plans and honest facts about success rates.
  • We arrange emergency doctor appointments on priority.
  • We even arrange online assistance and video consultation for our clients.
  • You can also get facilitator services with us.
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