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We at MediGocare services are one of India’s premier providers of air ambulance services. Our air ambulance services provide the best quality and professional lifesaving care to our clients who require air ambulance services.

Not only are our air ambulance services extremely professional and or best quality but they also have economical costs and are negotiable to individual patients and the hospitals. We have a high success rate in air ambulance services in India which involves transferring patients from different parts of the country throughout air ambulance services.

The aircrafts that we provide to carry our clients are serviced frequently and undergo all the statutory maintenance and are brand new. A medical professional always accompanies the patient in the aircraft which is fully equipped to provide emergency medical aid during the journey. The aircrafts are suitably designed for evacuation and provide critical care to patients belonging to the most remote corners of the country.

  • Charter Air Ambulance Services
  • Commercial Air Ambulance Services
  • Helipad Operation Services

Chartered Aircraft

  • We provide bed-to-bed social insurance to the patients under this service.
  • We not only provide medical air service in India but also provide the floor transport of the patient to and from the aircraft.
  • We have tied up with professional social insurance partners who will oblige the patient.
  • We also incorporate any emergency medical needs during the journey.
  • NICU services.
  • From ticketing to boarding and landing, we will handle anything related to the air travel of the patient.
  • A professional therapeutic gathering member will always accompany the patient to their destination.
  • Assist those who need to be carried in a stretcher, with special facilities.
  • Any other emergency needs also catered.
  • A medical professional always accompanies the patient traveling along with an assistant to help with sanitization, medications, etc.
  • This professional also takes care of the floor transport of the patient.
  • This individual also helps by contacting the administration in case of further assistance required by any executive air ambulance in India.

Commercial AirCraft

  • Our client’s mental peace and physical comfort is of utmost importance to us so we customize the travel according to individual needs.
  • We cover all aircraft medical clearances.
  • We handle ticketing.
  • We take care of the patient’s luggage.
  • We arrange for the transport of the family or friend who is accompanying the patient.
  • We provide emergency oxygen services in the aircraft.
  • We take care of the patient’s ground transportation.
  • We communicate with the person accompanying us regarding any changes.
  • If it is an international journey we coordinate with the physicians and international care facilities on behalf of the patient.
  • We provide extra pee catheters, IV liquids, first aid and feeding or breathing tubes in case of a long journey.
  • Emergency oxygen cylinders are also provided by us.
  • We take care of the diet of patient in case of a long flight.

Helipad Operations

  • In case of accidents, natural calamities and mishaps that require evacuation or rescue, we provide helicopters. Our helicopters work 24 hours a day.
  • We assess the seriousness of the situation and if it requires the helicopter, we provide the service. Our first priority is to rescue the victims unharmed and prevent them from fatality.
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