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Thyroid Cancer Treatment In India

What Is Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid cancer is the abnormal generation of cells that takes place in the thyroid gland. The gland is butterfly-shaped and situated just at the bae of our throat, adjoining the Adam’s Apple. Thyroid cancer gradually leads to slow decline of the growth of functional cells, leading to health declination.

The thyroid gland, a part of the endocrine system, absorbs iodine from the bloodstream and secretes hormones that controls and regulates body’s weight, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. The healthy thyroid gland is palpable, but when there’s a tumor developed, the neck feels a lump. This tumorous growth can be benign or malignant, which thereby can spread across different parts of the body. Most of thyroid cancers are treatable and the treatment includes radioiodine therapy, hormone therapy, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery

What Are The Types Thyroid Cancer?

  • Anaplastic: An aggressive form of thyroid cancer that is hardest when it comes to get treated. It grows quickly and spreads across the surrounding tissue and other body parts. This is a rare type of cancer that accounts for 2% of diagnoses.
  • Medullary: Also, only about 2% of diagnoses can turn out to be medullary. 25% of patients with Medullary thyroid cancer may have a family history of the disease, which may be blamed at a faulty genetic mutation.
  • Follicular thyroid cancer takes place in 15% of cancer diagnoses. This is a cancer which is more likely to reach the bones and vital organs like lungs. This cancer is considered to be metastatic and is more challenging to treat.
  • Papillary: Around 80% of all thyroid cancer cases turn out to be papillary. This cancer grows at a slow rate. Papillary thyroid cancer spread across the neck at the nymph nodes but nevertheless, responds well to treatment. Papillary thyroid cancer is rarely fatal and highly curable.

What Is The Survival Rate Of Thyroid Cancer In India?

As per a published medical report in July 2023, “The incidence of thyroid cancer is 5.4 per lakh people in India. Thyroid cancer is divided into sub types, with papillary thyroid cancer being the most common.”
Survival rate of this cancer depends on various factors. These rates are frequently based on results of the huge number of people who had history with cancer in past. The survival rate of thyroid in India is indicated through a five-year analysis, like how many individuals have survived after discovery of their thyroid cancer. Overall, there’s a 98% first-five-year survival rate. But this rate is dependent upon a wide range of factors that include stage of the disease and type of the cancer.

The thyroid cancer survival rate depends on the stage of cancer, for example:

  • Stage 1 survival rate in Thyroid Cancer is 100%
  • Stage 2 survival rate in Thyroid Cancer is 99%
  • Stage 3 survival rate in Thyroid Cancer is 99%
  • Stage 4 survival rate in Thyroid Cancer is 76%

    Over the years, India has become a reliable hub of the world when it comes to treatment of thyroid cancer. Right from diagnosis to post-surgical care, patients from different corners of the world trust in the country’s approach and initiative in providing the best thyroid care.

What Are The Stages Of Thyroid Cancer?

Stage 1 – The tumor in this stage is around 2cm or even less than that and did not expand out from the thyroid gland. It does not aggravate into adjoining nodes or lymph nodes or other areas.
Stage 2 – At this stage, the tumor is between 2 to 4 cms. There are no traces of cancer cells in the lymph nodes or any other distant places inside the body. The tumor has a diameter bigger than 4 cm and has started to grow out of the thyroid gland. Cancer has not yet been detected in the lymph nodes or any other body parts.
Stage 3 – The tumor at this stage is bigger than 4 cm and chances are, it has grown outside the thyroid gland, but yet to spread to the adjacent lymph nodes or has started to spread to the adjacent lymph nodes but not in other body parts.
Stage 4 – This stage is further sub-divided into:

  • Stage 4a – The cancer cells have developed beyond thyroid gland, affecting the adjoining tissues, lymph nodes, upper chest and other remote areas.
  • Stage 4b – The tumor has developed in the spinal column, adjacent large blood vessels, may have spread to the lymph nodes but not other remote areas of the body.
  • Stage 4c – Thyroid cells have metastasized and spread to remote areas.

What Are The Symptoms & Signs Of Thyroid Cancer?

The inception of thyroid cancer does not generally exhibit any symptoms of signs. As the cancer grows, the disease gradually informs the person with:

  • Enlarged lymph nodes around the neck
  • Pained throat and neck
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Change in voice, becoming more hoarse
  • Development of nodule or lump across the skin of neck

    Here are the potential risk factors & causes of thyroid cancer
  • Hereditary genetic syndromes
  • Radiotherapy of neck and head
  • Exposure to high radiation levels

How is the diagnosis of thyroid cancer conducted?

Thyroid cancer is generally diagnosed after the patient goes to the medical practitioner for checking the symptoms or a regular health checkup can also detect it. Patients whose cancer formation has been confirmed, generally undergo the following tests:

  • Laryngoscopy (Vocal Cord Examination): Thyroid cells affect the vocal cords sometimes. So, if your doctor recommends you for a surgery, you will have to undergo laryngoscopy, to see if the cords are functioning normally.
  • Biopsy: This is the real diagnosis of thyroid cancer where the cells of the suspected area are examined after sampling. If the doctor considers the need pf biopsy, the most convenient way to find to confirm the tumor is benign or cancerous (malignant) is using a fine thyroid needle.
  • Pet Scan: A PET Scan can be useful if the thyroid cancer is unable to absorb radioactive iodine. PET Scans accurately tell if the cancer has spread.
  • MRI Scan: MRI or magnetic resonance imaging provide detailed images of the body. This scan is another potent scanning option which can be used to search for thyroid cancer or other cancers that have spread in other areas of the body. Ultrasound is actually the first option for looking at thyroid but MRI provides detailed images of the soft tissues which thyroid glands are also made up of. MRIs are useful for spinal cord and brain examinations as well.
  • CT Scan: CT Scan or Computed Tomography is like an X-Ray test that comes up with cross-sectional images of the body. It helps in determining the location and size of thyroid cancers and also determining whether the cells have spread across any other area of the body.
  • Chest X-Ray: If you have been identified with thyroid development (especially the follicular thyroid cancer), chest X-Ray can be easily performed for seeing if the cancer has spread to any nearby organs like lungs.
  • Radioiodine Scans: Radioactive iodine scannings help in determining whether the person with a lump on the neck can develop thyroid cancer. This test is often prescribed to the people who have previously been diagnosed with a different thyroid cancer and need confirmation on whether the cancer has spread.
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound makes use of sound waves for generating images of different body parts. At the time of this test, no radiation exposure takes place. This test determines whether the thyroid nodule is liquid-filled or solid. It also checks the size and numbers of thyroid glands and helps un understanding whether the lymph nodes are swollen due to spreading of the cancer. Thyroid nodules are too minute to be felt and this test can be recommended as an accompanying test for guiding the biopsy needle for obtaining any sample.
  • Imaging Tests: Imaging tests help in identifying cancers in suspected areas, seeing how far the cancer cells have spread and determining whether the treatment is working at all.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment In India

Thyroid cancer treatment in India depends on the preferences, status, general health and type stage. Here’s a brief on some of the most predominant treatment options for the malady.

  • Surgery

    Most of the patients battling thyroid cancer undergo thyroid cancer surgery in India where the gland is removed. Surgery is recommended by the doctor when the size of the tumor expands more than the size of the gland. Surgery of thyroid glands takes place to remove the entire or partial thyroid gland from the body.
  • Thyroid Hormone Therapy

    The next predominant treatment after thyroidectomy is thyroid hormone therapy in India. This therapy provides the missing hormone that the thyroid gland would normally secrete. Once the thyroid gland in removed, the patient has to take levothyroxine for the entire life.
  • Radioactive Iodine Therapy

    If the patient experiences recurrence of cancer cells after thyroidectomy in India, this therapy can be helpful. The radioactive iodine treatment is given in form of fluid or capsule that the patients can ingest. This iodine is absorbed by the thyroid cancer cells and normal cancer cells so that the risk of other body parts getting affected is reduced. Look out for the following side-effects of this treatment:

    • Tiredness
    • Change of odor and taste
    • Inflamed eyes
    • Oral pain
    • Mouth dryness
  • External Radiation Therapy

    This therapy can be administered externally by using a machine which targets at specific points of the body through proton beams or X-ray beams. During this therapy, the patient stands still on a table while the machine revolves around him or her. This treatment is recommended when surgery is not an option and the cancer keeps developing after radiation iodine therapy.
  • Chemotherapy

    This predominant therapy is used for killing cancer cells. The chemicals move through the entire body and kill fast-growing cells, which include cancer cells. Chemotherapy is not the first treatment choice in thyroid cancer, but doctors recommend this to the patients suffering with anaplastic thyroid cancer. Chemotherapy can be used in combination with radiotherapy.
  • Targeted Drug Therapy

    Targeted medication focuses on certain abnormal cancer cells. By hindering the functionalities of these abnormalities, the targeted medication treatments cause complete death of active cancer cells. Targeted drug therapy targets signals which tell the cancer cells for splitting and multiplying. This therapy is specially given to patients in advanced stage.
  • Alcoholic Ablation

    Alcoholic ablation or injecting alcohol into cancer cells involves injecting alcohol into thyroid cancers through imaging like ultrasound, for ensuring precise placement of injection. This therapy causes the cancer cells to shrink. Alcohol abrasion can be an option if the patient’s cancer cells small and surgery is not an option. This process also is used to treat cancer cells that re-appear in the lymph nodes after a surgical intervention.

What Are The Most Common Approached Of Doctor For Treating Different Stages Of Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer, extent of cancer and also the location of cancer. The different treatment approach for treatment are:

  • Stage 1: At this stage, the doctors recommend surgery and after that, hormone replacement therapy.
  • Stage 2: Surgery is also recommended in stage 2. But alongside this, the doctors can also recommend chemotherapy, radiotherapy for complete or partial removal of cancer cells permanently.
  • Stage 3: The treatment for this stage is similar to that of stage 2. The doctor will surgically remove cancer cells and its adjacent lymph nodes and after that, external radiation therapy and chemo radiation will be suggested for eradicating cancer completely.
  • Stage 4: At this stage, the doctor will suggest external beam therapy, followed by radioactive iodine therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Sometimes, doctor may suggest some medicines for easing the discomfort caused by the ailment.

How To Choose The Best Hospital In India For Thyroid Cancer Treatment?

Selecting the most trusted hospital for treatment of thyroid cancer is crucial because a reliable hospital provides top-notch facilities for treating the ailment. In addition, the hospital must offer versatile approach where patients can receive adequate attention from properly trained nurses, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, specialist surgeons who together give you the outstanding treatment.
Selecting the right oncologist and hospital for treatment is no doubt an arduous task but the right decision has to be made for the right cancer treatment. A well-trained and well-experienced medical team provides all kinds of necessary treatment for slowing, down, reversing and eradicating cancer. So, when you are selecting the right team for cancer treatment, ensure the following:

  • The experts have the right knowledge and experience in the field
  • The doctor and his team must include various specialists
  • The doctor and his team have certificate from tumor board

    India is home and workplace to some of the best oncologists treating thyroid cancer to global patients. Put your reliance in the one of the most potent and promising medical practitioners who are committed to provide unparalleled healthcare in thyroid cancer treatment.

What Is The Cost Of Thyroid Treatment In India?

Here’s a city-wise break-up of the cost

City Minimum (INR) Maximum (INR)
Bangalore 70000101000

Please note, all these figures are based out of approximation, close to the actual figure. Consult your physician for custom or current rates.

Here’s the detailed cost-break for Thyroid Treatment In India

Thyroid TreatmentMinimumMaximumAverage
Diagnosis Tests50025001500
Thyroidectomy or Thyroid Surgery In India5000025000050000
Radioactive Iodine Therapy100005000030000
Radiofrequency Ablation4000015000040000

What Are The Risks Of Thyroid Cancer On Female Sex?

Thyroid cancer is a common disease among women due to the role of hormones, different than those of the males. The thyroid nodules affect upto 80% of women but only 5% to 15% are malignant.

What Is Metastatic Thyroid Cancer?

Metastatic thyroid cancer or stage 4 thyroid cancer is referred to the malignancy of the disease where cancer cells have spread in distant body parts.

Which Country Is The Best For Thyroid Cancer Treatment?

For quality treatment & healthcare, countries like South Korea, Germany & Japan are ideal.
For cost-effectiveness, India, Thailand & Turkey are ideal.
For patient aftercare & satisfaction, USA, Spain & Singapore are ideal.
For convenience & accessibility, Canada, Australia & Israel are ideal.
For advanced thyroidectomy surgeries, Sweden & Switzerland are ideal.
For ethical & legal aspects, United Kingdom is ideal.
In a nutshell, we can say that India is the best country offering effective thyroid cancer care to patients. During the past decade, the country’s medical infrastructure has gone under a paradigm shift and thanks to the technological evolution, the surgeries and post-surgery care have also transformed with time.

How To Choose The Best Oncologist For Thyroid Treatment In India?

  • Ask the oncologist on how many patients and surgeries they are associated with annually.
  • Ask the oncologist on what percentage of their practice is based on cancer surgery.
  • Read reviews on the surgeon.

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